Jenna Ackerman

Like many people in Lander, Jenna was drawn to this town for the mountains and cliffs at Sink's Canyon.  She balanced her love of travel and the outdoors by cooking, tending bar and waiting tables throughout her wayward years.  In Lander, she had the opportunity to turn her passion for cooking and service into a career by opening the Middle Fork in 2012 and operates it to this day providing a popular spot for locals and traveler's alike.  After calling Lander home for 10 years she has finally made it official by buying a house and adopting her dog, Soba, this year.  And, of course, volunteering for Dancing with the Stars!

Trey Warren

Seen any strange looking houses made out of straw lately? Chances are Trey’s the one that stacked the bales. He’s also the one that scaled the Lander Mill to get that bike up on the roof and even tackled getting it lights for Christmas. Now that’s he’s done with that he’s busy selling homes for Householder Properties when he’s not with his wife Jagoe and daughter Lena.


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