Jim Culver

Jim first came to Wyoming to work on a dude ranch and quickly decided he liked horses as much as people. Sometimes even more! Since then he’s worked for outfitters all over the Rockies before stumbling into a NOLS camp. He’s now been teaching horse packing for over 25 years. But, he has to fit that into training and massaging the 4-legged critters. Also, if you’re getting a little tired of pounding nails, Jim can tackle getting shoes on your horse. He’s pretty sure he can take that strength to throw Maureen over his shoulder and into 1st place tonight.

Maureen Fox

The evacuation supervisor at NOLS Rocky Mountain for the past 4 years is happiest when she isn't getting phone calls about emergencies. It means Maureen’s got a little more time with her dogs and can go our mountain biking or skiing in the backcountry. She’s also got more time tapping her toes on the dance floor. Let’s hope the emergency alarms don’t go off while Jim’s spinning her around the stage.


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